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Our spotlight is placed on a sport which sits under the umbrella of The PEATS Program.

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This time we highlight outrigger canoe racing, you can learn more about how TPE Sports Coaching became involved with the sport and how Critical Speed testing became an important tool in The PEATS Program.

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The PEATS Program

Barry KellyAn insightful book that is extensively researched, totally thorough and ultimately honest. From personal experience, its contents accurately outline and justify a successful training acumen which offers a logical and practical training philosophy that simplifies athletic performance for both athlete and coaches alike.

For aspiring athletes and coaches, a must read!

Barry Kelly
Kawana Waters Coach, Former AIS and Olympic Kayak Coach
Olympic medallist

As an experienced practitioner of the designs, concepts and theories provided by this book in the sporting field, I will endorse these as solid practices that work in the real world. I utilised the principles for over a decade of high level sport. I believe I achieved my best physical conditioning at age 35 for the 2008 Olympic trials.

What strongly separates Enid’s principles are mechanisms for recovery and adaptation, the key reasons for training in the first place. Someone training children and someone training for elite sports are bound by the same inherent physiology, and the ideas contained here can be used in the preparation for both levels of competition, and all those athletes in between. Anyone can just go off and train really hard, the result being too many young athletes sustain physical impairment due to overtraining effects in sub optimal programs.

I have been fortunate to have trained with some of Australia’s best coaches and Institutes, in the fields of swimming, sprint kayaking and SLSA ironman. If I could choose any program to use again it would be one that has been developed with these principles in mind.

The PEATS Program can challenge a lot conventional thinking, and many times I disagreed and challenged the theories. Sometimes it took years and information from personal feedback and outside sources to confirm Enid’s ideas. The idea of training is to cause muscle adaptation through ‘damage’, to know how much damage is to be caused, let the damage repair and the desired result should be the enhancement of the athlete’s fitness. I hope others can make use of the knowledge to enhance their sporting experiences. I enjoyed racing for 3 decades and I hope you can obtain optimal performance and enjoy that feeling for decades too. The insights The PEATS Program delivers can be a useful tool in a long and successful sporting career.

Simon Martin
Member, Australian Sprint Canoeing Team
National SLSA IronMan Series

There are times in one’s life when you meet someone who is clearly ahead of the game. They have ideas or beliefs that are outside the popular theory and practices that are accepted at the time. To swim against the tide takes courage, self  belief and determination. To defend a position, alone, against the “establishment” takes strength of character. To have a training method prove itself at the highest level of International competition and still have to stare down the non-believers would break most . It did not break Enid.

Enid is special. She has somehow kept her cool and remained positive and enthusiastic. At my first Olympics in 1988 with Enid as consultant excercise physiologist, we won more medals than the sum of all previous games. For the next ten years the Team reached a position of 3rd in the world and never worse than 5th against the might of the Eastern bloc and European Nations. A true test of a program is the overall success of the Team and we consistently qualified every boat for finals.Brian Trouville

As a surf coach, I used Enid’s methods and won Open Surf Boat Championships and marathon championships over a period of 12 years. After a break to re-charge the batteries, I am back coaching at Club level and again with Enid’s help, I have never failed to have representatives in each team we competed for. Enid you are close to genius, this stuff works, After 20 years yes there are other people now doing similar things, but Enid simplifies it and provides the understanding (the why).

You should be using The PEATS Program

Brian Trouville
Former Head Coach AIS Kayak Program
Olympic Coach
Australian/ NSW Surf Coach

Dr Enid Ginn virtually rewrote the protocols for testing, training and conditioning for athletes with her seminal work on Critical Power (CP) and Critical Speed (CS) in 1988. CP was the focus of her Masters research - which aligned with the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and resulted in a silver medal for Grant Davies, the men's 1000 meter competitor for the Australian Kayak Team. Enid is without a doubt, a world leader in sports science, one of the most competitive research, development and results-oriented disciplines.

It was after 1988 and my win in the world marathon kayaking competition that I met Enid and started working with her and the other kayak team athletes in Queensland and Australia at the AIS. Three marathon kayakers - including myself - successfully crossed over to join the sprint kayak team who were using her protocols under the watchful eyes of the AIS coaches for our bid to compete at Barcelona in 1992. I witnessed first hand the leaps in our team's performance, and in the European Summer at Barcelona, Australia sent it's first Female K4 (4 person kayak) team to the Olympics and watched as Clint Robinson took out the gold medal for the 1000 meter mens single with Enid's programs as our foundations.

I retired after the Olympics and continued to coach other paddle sports athletes to world championship level - always relying on Enid's testing and programs as the foundation and always achieving success with my paddlers. Enid's protocols ensured individualised and tailored training levels, built on valid testing methods that could be administered either on or off the field/water with the same accuracy, reliability and confidence.

Dr Ginn has successfully worked with athletes of all abilities from grass roots to Olympic level and with many sports, including swimming, surf life saving, rowing, slalom canoeing, dragon boats, outrigger canoeing, ocean kayaking, and hockey. Enid's testing protocols and conditioning programs have been successful with sports requiring any combination of strength, sprint and/or endurance ingredients.

Enid's testing and programming can be used on athletes of all ages - there are no limits! After 20 years off the water, and at the age of 55, my outrigger paddling come-back in 2011 was based on Enid's valuable advice on all aspects of nutrition, strength training, on-water testing methods and conditioning program. My campaign with Suzanne Maksan from Outrigger Caloundra as my OC2 (outrigger canoe pairs) partner - has been physically challenging after so many years off the water, and difficult to combine with a demanding job and international travel, but surprisingly successful, as evidenced by a swag of medals, first places and eventual selection in the Australian team to compete at the World Outrigger Championships in August, 2012.

So it goes to show that Enid's knowledge, experience and work can be used in many aspects of sports performance and her training and conditioning programs can be applied to all levels of ability, all ages, and virtually any/all sports. Many, many athletes owe their success to Enid...I am definitely one of the fortunate people who crossed her path in our "quest to be the best" ... and continue to reap the benefits of her vast experience and dedication to helping coaches, athletes and sports people of all levels, in reaching our goals and making our dreams a reality.

Gayle Mayes PhD
1992 Barcelona Olympian
1988 World Champion in Womens' Pairs (K2) Marathon Kayaking 
6 World Championship Medals in Outrigger Sprint Canoeing
Former National Outrigger Coach 


I will say that I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Enid Ginn in 22013. And this was a glimpse through her book and the internet. After reading the book I realized that it could be a great help for me and my athletes.  I asked them to co-operate and they accepted

Our co-operation began with tests that were had set up, and these tests calculated special training intensity Levels, and evaluated the ability of each athlete.
Since 2014, we have won medals in the Asian championship &Asian games.  And even in the world cups in final A, and in world championships at finals A & B.

She worked as an expert and as an excellent advisor and very kindly explains everything with a scientifically.  I'm proud to be acquainted with such a person who has all this scientific information.  She is professional and special, and provides personal feedback for many aspects of training, including damaged muscle, overtraining, glycogen depletion and fatigue.

The Peats Program can challenge a lot conventional thinking, but it has proven to me that it can be a useful tool for training. I like working with Dr Enid until I finished my job.

Iraj Eghlimi
Head Coach
National Iranian Canoe Sprint Team