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Our spotlight is placed on a sport which sits under the umbrella of The PEATS Program.

spotlight on outrigger canoeing
This time we highlight outrigger canoe racing, you can learn more about how TPE Sports Coaching became involved with the sport and how Critical Speed testing became an important tool in The PEATS Program.


Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay Outrigger Club, located in beautiful Central Queensland welcomes new members.


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Outrigger Canoe Racing: The PEATS Program eBook

outrigger eBook

It is with much pleasure that we announce the publication of another eBook in our Sport-Specific range: Outrigger Canoe Racing.

Our core eBook, Critical Speed and the Physiology of Training details the fundamental philosophy, components and strategies of The PEATS Program without a specific sport focus. Because The PEATS Program can be applied to a wide range of different sports, we will produce a series of sport-specific guidelines to include testing procedures and some examples of training sessions.

Outrigger Canoe Racing will provide information and techniques to apply The PEATS Program to your paddling, with a focus on training principles, technique development, psychological preparation and diet and nutrition.


Foreword to Outrigger Canoe Racing:

I don’t know about you but in all my years of Rowing and Outrigging ‘Carbo loading’ was the unquestionable pre-race recipe for success. I, probably just like you, took the easy way out and accepted this information as gospel and adopted the ‘well everyone else is doing it’ attitude.

I’m sure there are plenty out there that have delved into the science a little deeper than I, but for those that haven’t this book opens the door to a whole new way of thinking. Enid’s book turns the accepted standards on their heads and offers a whole new insight into getting the most out of your body and the fuel you consume.

Enid has successfully managed to deliver the relevant science but in a layman style. An example of this is Enid’s comparison of the human body to a car engine, the analogy is practical and memorable.

But I don’t want to give too much away.

If it is in your character to challenge the traditional then this book is for you.

Take up the challenge and gauge the difference.

Mark Forbes


Background to Peak Performance
A. Introduction
B. The Sport
C. Anatomy
D. Physiology
E. Biomechanics

Developing Peak Performance
A. The Making of a Champion
B. Peak Psychological Performance

Train for Peak Performance
A. Training Session Types
B. Training Program Design
C. Race Preparation

Technique for Peak Performance
Technique Development

Testing Procedures
Administration of Test Protocols

Nutrition for Peak Performance
Diet & Nutrition for Outrigger Canoe Racing

Blank Periodization Chart
Sample Periodization Chart
Weekly Sessions Template

Outrigger Canoe Racing: The PEATS Program

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