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For several years, one of your goals has been to complete Molokai on an OC1 because you enjoy training alone - just you and the ocean.
But you find putting together a training program a daunting task.

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Normative (Comparative) Data

triathlon performanceIn most sports, competiton provides an opportunity to establish where a given athlete 'is at' compared with his/her peers. Sports are conducted on a wide range of levels: from beginner to elite; from junior to senior; from local to international. While competition times and comparison with one's peers is the ultimate normative data, it is also useful to have some idea of where one sits with respect to some of the components which contribute to that competitive performance.

In this section of our website, we present some normative values for three components of The PEATS Program which may be applicable to your sport: Critical Speed, Critical Power and Technical Economy Index. These data are not intended to be definitive, but to provide a guide for coaches and athletes to assess current standings with respect to better-performed athletes, and hence to serve as a motivational tool.These values have been accumulated over many years, and while many may suggest that they are out of date, they do provide a benchmark that can be employed for some benefit. Critical Speed and Critical Power almost certainly have similarities to VO2max, where a good score is simply that: a good score. There hasn't been a large increase in elite VO2max scores after decades of its measurement. We propose that a similar case can be mounted for Critical Speed and Critical Power.

Over time, we hope that these tables may be expanded to include data from others applying The PEATS Program. To this end, we extend an invitation to you to submit your data for review. if you do have data that you would like to be incorporated into this section of our website, please contact us.

The PEATS Program eBook

PEATS eBookLearn how to unlock your performance potential with the powerful tools of Critical Speed or Critical Power. The PEATS Program eBook – Critical Speed and the Physiology of Training - will take you through the ‘how, why and when’ of training program design.

The book examines some basic exercise physiology principles as they apply to training for different sports; examination of a wide spectrum of training methods, including cross training, will enable the reader to determine which apply in a specific sport context; and the overall direction of the wealth of information presented is designed to lead the athlete or coach towards  peak performance in the chosen sport.

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