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Our eBook, Critical Speed and the Physiology of Training, will give you all the tools to work with. Critical Power and Critical Speed are very similar concepts and their calculation and application to training are virtually the same.


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We are proud to announce a new eBook to add to the range of our Sport-Specific Guideslines. Outrigger Canoe Racing will give you the additional information to implement The PEATS Program. Start on your way to performance success.

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Our spotlight is placed on a sport which sits under the umbrella of The PEATS Program.

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This time we highlight outrigger canoe racing, you can learn more about how TPE Sports Coaching became involved with the sport and how Critical Speed testing became an important tool in The PEATS Program





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The PEATS Program - Critical Speed and Critical Power

The Performance Edge (TPE) has been providing specialist Sports Training consultancy services and Sports Coaching educational opportunities for athletes and coaches for over two decades. These services include athlete testing and sport training program design, both critical aspects of performance capacity which developed from several research projects into Critical Power and Critical Speed. Over time, these two components were synthesized into the Performance Edge Athlete Training System - The PEATS Program - and included a means for monitoring sports training and its progress.

This incredible Sports Training system can be applied across a large number of sports to maximise performance potential. We firmly believe that The PEATS Program has something to offer athletes in most sports and at ALL levels of ability! It employs low-key tools for testing and analysis, tools to which almost everyone has access, ensuring cost-effective sports training program design and management.

We've helped hundreds of athletes develop and realise their full potential and can now offer the same program to you!

We can help you put either Critical Speed or Critical Power to work in your own sports training program through a range of services that we offer! TPE Sports Coaching also offers their exclusive information eBook - Critical Speed and the Physiology of Training - that will provide you with the necessary tools to design a successful sports training program yourself and to become your own sports coach or personal trainer.

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You have been training hard for years, but the podium seems so elusive.We can help you realise your dream!

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If you need some assistance in training program design; have some questions regarding training physiology; or just need a little motivation, we are here to help.

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TPE Sports Coaching currently has three eBooks packed with information on training program design.

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