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A large number of research projects have been conducted into CP and CS in recent decades right across the world.

CP lab testing

Samples of some of the published research into Critical Speed and Critical Power are listed on our site, together with links for you to read more about each one. This list will be changed at regular intervals.





consultancyThere are many situations in a coaching and training environment, particularly for those relatively new to the field, when the way forward is unclear.

These are just three examples of what is probably an infinite number of questions that coaches and athletes may have. TPE Sports Coaching offers a destination for those questions. Often coaches are in isolation from their peers, or may live in an area away from good contacts with a suitable professional who can provide 121 services.

Contact us with your problem, and between us, we’ll come to a solution for you to move forward and help your athletes move up to the next level of performance..

How does it work?

Consultation Fees

Initial eConsultation


Follow-up Session


Face-to-Face Consultation $75.00 / hour
Long Consultation
(> 3 hours)
by arrangement

(all amounts are in Australian Dollars-AUD)

What you receive

If you have further questions on the same topic, you may submit a follow-up, proceeding as for an initial consultation, but for a lower fee.