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For more information on the TEI and how it can be applied to sports, you can read our article here.

We are proud to announce the publication of the first in a series of Sport-Specific Guidelines: Swimming.

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Coaching 121: Sign-Up Information

marathon trainingSigning up to participate in the online Coaching 121 program offered by TPE Sports Coaching is a relatively simple process. Apart from the usual personal details (name, age, contact details etc), we ask you to provide us with some information regarding the length of program (in months) being requested. Additionally, we ask you to tell us something about your goals: what you hope to achieve from your participation in the program, any specific competitions that you intend to work toward, and a range of information regarding your daily routines so that we might fit your program around these. At this stage, it is not necessary to commit to a specific time frame, except that it be at least four months in duration. It is, of course, possible to modify your Training Program when the first four months have been completed, you can shorten or lengthen the time frame as you see fit.

When we receive this Sign-Up and Profile Form, we will examine the information you have provided to evaluate where you are currently at with your sport and training, and from that information, we will tailor your training problem to closely match your training goals and your lifestyle.

You will be required to make payment upon submission of the Sign-Up and Profile Form. To do this, go to our Consultancy page, select the 'Long Consultancy' option, and deposit the appropriate amount for the program duration of your choice.

While your Training Program is being designed, we will contact you about completing Time Trials to determine your Critical Speed or Critical Power. This data will be the final requirement for the Sign-Up process, and your Training Program will be ready soon after we receive it.

From this point, we will work closely together and maintain a regular contact, details of which we will determine at the time to be mutually suitable. We certainly look forward both to having you on board as a TPE Sports Coaching athlete/coach, and to working together to achieve your performance goals.

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