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spotlight on outrigger canoeing
This time we highlight outrigger canoe racing, you can learn more about how TPE Sports Coaching became involved with the sport and how Critical Speed testing became an important tool in The PEATS Program




Coaching 121: how does it work?

outrigger v-boatHow does it work?
At the outset, you will be asked a number of questions concerning your personal and sporting history, your specific and general goals, your daily routine (both training and lifestyle) and current training plan. All of this information is collated to develop an overall understanding of where you currently ‘sit’ in comparison with where you want to be. You will then perform some simple testing procedures to establish some baseline performance and ‘fitness’ levels. From here, we will work together to develop a training program that fits with you, your fitness level, your lifestyle and importantly, your performance goals. During this time, we will also be in regular contact, and it is a time for you to think about and discuss any issue which may be important in the pursuit of your goals. Be assured that the program designed for you will be exactly that: designed for you. It will not be an ‘off-the shelf’ package, but a program custom-built for you alone.

Our program consists of training sessions for your preferred sport which includes cross-training suggestions. We do not provide strength training sessions, except for sport-specific resistance training incorporated into sessions as indicated above.

The program will be delivered and administered online and via email, with regular two-way discussion of progress.

You will be required to provide accurate weekly feedback of what was actually completed in training, along with a number of different scores to communicate how you are adapting to the program. This will be on a standardised form which is quite simple to complete, and details of this will be provided for you right at the outset.

After analysis of the weekly information you provide, you will receive a copy of the analysis along with recommendations for the coming week. The weekly analysis will, over time, build into a ‘picture’ which will greatly assist in evaluation of your progress and potential for success.

You will have unlimited contact via email, and you can expect a prompt response to any questions you may have during the time we work together.

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