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Coaching 121

orienteerMany athletes are not part of a larger squad and work by themselves, often struggling to put together a training plan that works. Some have coaches they can consult with, either on an intensive basis, or perhaps with some arrangement that is more casual. There are many circumstances which would have an athlete train under these conditions, but it doesn’t have to be a situation that is solitary and without regular feedback. TPE Sports Coaching offers a custom-designed coaching service across many sports.

Here you will receive a very personal and high-quality service that is developed to fit with your busy schedule. It is particularly beneficial for an athlete who is aiming for high quality performance and wishes to work closely with a coach to achieve those goals. But equally, we work with those further down the ladder who are aspiring towards the top rung.

The Coaching 121 service is offered to a limited number of athletes in order that a high quality delivery can be guaranteed.

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