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Our spotlight is placed on a sport which sits under the umbrella of The PEATS Program.

spotlight on outrigger canoeing
This time we highlight outrigger canoe racing, you can learn more about how TPE Sports Coaching became involved with the sport and how Critical Speed testing became an important tool in The PEATS Program.





articlesIn this section, you will find articles of relevance to The PEATS Program and its implementation. Generally, the range in topics will cover Critical Speed, Critical Power, Training Intensity Levels, Training Stress Points, the Technical Economy Index, and Training Program Design.

There are many coaches and athletes using either this Program or others with a similar philosophy, and it is hoped that a community can develop from this and that this site can provide a location for the sharing of information, be they successes or problems. Accordingly, we invite you to submit articles for inclusion on this page so that we can all learn from each other.

Currently available:

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  2. Ginn, E.M. 1993. Critical Speed and Training Intensities for Swimming