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About TPE Sports Coaching

Dr. Enid Ginn is the Director of The Performance Edge Fitness & Health Services and its subsidiary, TPE Sports Coaching, set up in 1993 to provide consultancy services to athletes. From 1986 to 1991, she established and operated SportTest, a service for athletes based at the University of Queensland, specialising in testing and consultancy to Queensland-based athletes including those on scholarship with the Australian Institute of Sport and national representatives in non-AIS sports. She brings an extensive experience in a wide range of sports and training methods from beginner to elite from 1986 to the present. Many of the athletes have achieved Olympic, World Championship, Commonwealth Games, national and regional success. She was consultant exercise physiologist to the Australian Sprint Canoeing team for most of the time between 1988 and 1997, and to the Australian Slalom team in their preparation for the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. She has acted as sports scientist on the Australian Technical Committees for both field hockey and canoeing. Further, she was a delegate for women's sailing on committees for both the Queensland and Australian Yachting Federations.

She earned both her PhD and MHMS in exercise physiology from the University of Queensland, with a focus on Critical Speed and Critical Power, respectively. These two concepts have formed the hub of The PEATS Program.

As a representative athlete in field hockey and sailing, and also in softball and basketball at regional level, she has gained valuable insights into the importance of endurance training for team sports and its impact on performance outcomes.

As well as being active in these sports, Enid has also had considerable coaching experience, having had involvement with field hockey, basketball, softball, sailing and canoeing. Additionally, she has provided coach education courses to coaches varying from Level 1 to Level 3 in the following sports: field hockey, swimming, sprint kayak, outrigger canoeing, slalom canoeing, football and basketball.

This wealth of experience has all dovetailed into the various components of The PEATS Program, all of which link back either to Critical Speed or to Critical Power.