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Iraj EghlimiIn late 2013, TPE Sports Coaching responded to contact from Iraj Eghlimi, the Head Coach of the National Sprint Kayak Team from Iran.  Over the course of a couple of weeks, we ascertained from Iraj the team’s requirements, and in early 2014, set sail on a program with the Asian Games as the principal focus for 2014.

We began with the administration of The PEATS Program test battery: Criterion Time Trials (CTT) including a Performance Test (PT) and Critical Speed Test (CST) with lactate analysis. When all the data were analysed, we concluded that the squad’s immediate need was to improve endurance capacity to some considerable degree. Next, a training program was designed with this objective in mind and in keeping with The PEATS Program fundamentals, but mindful also of the need to take into consideration the team’s participation in two World Cup regattas in Europe in May.
During April, the squad was retested with CTT, PT and CST, and we were amazed by the improvements across all parameters: endurance, speed, stroke economy.

Bouyed with some confidence from the test data, the squad headed off to Europe for the World Cups, the first in Racice (Czechoslovakia) and the second in Szeged (Hungary). The table below presents the results for all boats in these regattas.

Venue Team Event Entered Best Finish A Placing A Best Finish B Placing B
Racice MEN K1-1000 C Final 4
World Cup K2-1000 B Final 7
K4-1000 Heats 9
    K1-200m C Final 8
    K2-200m SF 8 SF 9
  WOMEN K1-500m Heats 8    
  K2-500m SF 9    
    K1-200m C Final 1 SF 9
Szeged MEN K1-1000 Semi Final 8
World Cup K2-1000 B Final 4
K4-1000 B Final 4
K1-200m Semi final 9 semi-final 7
K2-200m Semi final 8
K2-500m Semi Final 7 Semi Final 7
WOMEN K1-500m Heats 9 Heats 9
K1-200m C Final 6 Semi-final 9

The paddlers had a short transition of down-time after these competitions, and then a new training program was designed to develop performance capacity for participation at the Asian Games in Korea in late September. During the period, May to September, the training program designed for the squad had several objectives: to continue developing endurance capacity; to develop performance by  improving speed endurance; and to develop an appropriate race plan, particularly for the 1000m paddlers.

Changes in the internal administration of the sport in Iran in July saw another coach included in the program, and as a consequence, the women’s squad came under his responsibility. This meant that TPE Sports Coaching was working only with the men’s squad for the Asian Games.

Iran Mens Team In August, eligible athletes participated in the Under-23 World Championship regatta in Szeged (Hungary), and one male athlete competed in the World Championship regatta in Moscow. Here are the results of these competitions.

Venue Team Event Entered Best Finish  Placing 
U-23 K2-200m B final 7
WOMEN K1-200m A Final 8
Moscow MEN K1-1000 C Final 5
World Champs
WOMEN K1-200m C Final 2
K1-500m C Final 6

On 27 September, the squad lined up for the heats of the kayak competition at the Asian Games at the venue for the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. We have fond memories of this regatta course and the Olympic regatta, for it was here that The PEATS Program was born following work with the Australian Kayak squad under Head Coach, Brian Trouville, and the very successful results for the team. The Asian Games do not have the same level of recognition as do the Olympics, but it does have a very high participation rate across Asian nations. The Iranian men’s squad participated in five different events, and their results are shown below. It would have been nice to have come away with at least one gold medal, but we are very confident that the progress all paddlers have made in the last 9 months has been very significant.

Venue Team Event Entered Best Finish  Placing 
Asian Games MEN K1-1000 A final 2
K2-1000 A final 2
K4-1000 A final 4
K1-200m A final 4
K2-200m Semi-final 1
WOMEN K1-500m A final 4
K1-200m A final 3

at Moscow


Our next milestone is to compete at the 2015 World Championship Regatta in Milan, Italy where qualification for the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympic Games regatta will be conducted. In 2012 London, only one men’s boat participated in the Sprint Kayak regatta, K1-1000m.  It will be our goal to increase this participation, and of course, the goal will be to have Iranian representation in all events we compete in on the men’s calendar.  Stay tuned!