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The PEATS Program: introduction

winning performanceThe PEATS Program has evolved from two research projects, the first with kayak paddlers and the second with swimmers. A brief history of this development can be found here.

It has been an important training program design tool for The Performance Edge Fitness and Health Services, a consultancy which has engaged in athlete services for almost three decades. The Performance Edge Athlete Training Services program became The PEATS Program in the early 1990s, and incorporated much of the experience gained from working with athletes, mostly elite, but ranging down to beginner level, and from a very wide spectrum of different sports from the traditional endurance sports to team sports.

Central to the functioning of The PEATS Program are the twin concepts of Critical Speed and Critical Power.  When an athlete signs onto the Program (or a coach with a squad), time trials are conducted to determine either Critical Speed or Critical Power, and the nature of the sport will determine which of these is applicable. The diagram describes the different components of the Program and how they are linked.

PEATS Program components

These components are discussed in great detail in our core eBook, Critical Speed and the Physiology of Training: The PEATS Program. The Program focus is on the development of endurance capacity, a focus that reflects thefundamentals of human physiology: that the functions of energy supply indicate very strongly that endurance has always been paramount in human activity, and that speed is a capacity that is relatively limited by comparison.

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