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If you have completed two time trials, you can use our calculator to work out your ownCritical Speed.

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Then check out the norms for Critical Speed to see how you rate against the values provided.





The PEATS Program: goals

How can The PEATS Program assist your training?

swim trainingWe have already seen the steps which make up the program. There are many goals, of course, but there is one which is perhaps the key to developing performance capacity, and particularly for an important event.

Our overall aim is to develop your performance capacity gradually over time in keeping with your goals. We have observed many times that, in competition, athletes begin a race well, but in the closing stages, they appear to ‘die’, to find it difficult to maintain the pace that they set earlier in the race, then they fall behind and finish well behind the leaders. Does this sound like you? The PEATS Program is structured to combat this frequent occurrence, particularly in athletes who do not have a lot of competition experience.

In essence, the philosophy of the Program is to enable an athlete to perform at a high work rate throughout the event, but to have sufficient ‘gas in the tank’ to come home a winner.  During the Olympics, watch the middle distance running or swimming events for this feature. When you see a swimmer (for example), leaving the rest of the field in his or her wake, powering ahead to the finish, it is not immediately obvious what is going on. The winner is probably not suddenly putting the ‘foot on the pedal’ and increasing speed; what is happening is that the others are slowing down, giving the appearance that the winner is faster.

Watch a video from the 2012 US Olympic Trials to see this in action.

The ability to do this at the end of the race comes down to an ability to maintain good speed throughout the race and to hold it at the end. Athletes who lose it in the closing stages are athletes whose training programs have not been designed with some fundamental physiology in mind. This is what we will teach you in Critical Speed and the Physiology of Training. This aspect of your training is just one example of the strategies employed by The PEATS Program to get you up onto the podium in your chosen sport.